So, What Is A Football Snack Helmet?

Well, it’s a lot of things actually. It’s a popular item that is just exactly what its title states. A Football Snack Helmet.

I admit, I was a bit confused at first too. I thought, what do they mean… a “football snack helmet???” Is it something shaped like a helmet? Does one eat the helmet – is it a cake? …Is it a cookie? What is it???

Well, I found out:

  • It’s great novelty item
  • It’s a great gift
  • A great conversation piece
  • It proudly displays your favorite football team while in use or not
  • It can hold a whole bag of chips, Fritoes (R), Doritoes (R) or whatever…
  • It can hold some sauce, favorite salsa, or dips… and…
  • It’s a Football Helmet with a bucket inside and divided tray that you can fill with all kinds of goodies and snacks!

And, yes, we have them! But, at the time of this update, the supplies are dwindling. So, you may want to go now to check them out to see if your favorite team helmet is in stock and available.

Wincraft Chicago Bears Football Snack Helmet

Team Effort NFL Football Snack Helmets

Wincraft Collegiate Football Snack Helmets

Team Effort Collegiate Football Snack Helmets

We are featuring this quite popular item, and we’ve pretty much done all the shopping for you as these are hand-picked from Amazon!

We know you’re busy and you want a quick way to just find the  item you want – now. So, I created this little site to help you do just that. Here, on this site, we feature both the NFL Football Snack Helmets and the NCAA Football Snack Helmets – well, as many as I could find, along with some great recipes to help you throw your Fantastic Football Paaaahty!

So, without further adieu, those are two of the quickest links to help you go direct and find your specific team’s Football Snack Helmet so that you can get back to preparing for the Big Game!  And, if it is “The BIG Game,” you should probably order early if you want them both!

Here they are again:

NFL Football Snack Helmets | NCAA Football Snack Helmets
When you’re done ordering, come on back to find some great recipes or great products – if you don’t have time to whip any up yourself!

Enjoy the Food – Enjoy your New Football Snack Helmet – Enjoy the Paaaahty & …Enjoy The Game!